DRILL Studio(钻子工作室) is a dedicated independent game development studio, has over 10 years of experience in the field of game development, there are already a variety of games in the app store sales in the Chinese market, and several models android game sales in the major application market, and have achieved good sales results.
The DRILL Studio(钻子工作室) has a global R & D and marketing plans and strategies, in the future, and step-by-step down-to-earth to achieve team goals.
Action have been developed and given the market, mainly including the Americas, East Asia and Western Europe, in South America, the Middle East, South Asia has the appropriate actions and plans.
Diversity in the research and development of the style of the game, the DRILL Studio(钻子工作室) and their own survival and the direction of development and capacity in the context of fierce market competition, the current studio dedicated to the development of realistic action game focused on heavy metal, style, in the future, including cartoon style, East Asian style, Japanese style R & D program will be discharged into the studio.
Studio efforts in game technology accumulation, currently free to use and put into the product level output engine including unity3D udk artistic content also has its own unique style.

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